Agile Workshops

The Agile Leader provides a bespoke set of services to assist all teams, including Executive Leadership teams on the journey of Organisationation Agility.

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Agile Leadership 101:

This one-day event provides executive leadership teams with all they need to know about what Agile is and what it isn’t. Leaders will begin to understand the differences and similarities between Agile being deployed at the different levels of the organisation.

The event is facilitated by a world-class Executive Agile Coach who understands the dilemmas and challenges that today’s leadership teams face.

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Agile Health Checks:

Before starting any journey it is wise to know what the starting point is. To that end, before the leaders embark on what is most probably going to be the most challenging change initiative of their career, they are advised to carry out an Agile Health Check to assess the state of readiness for organisational agility.

The Agile Health Check is an assessment of the here and now climate and culture of the organisation. Carried out over a week-long period by the Trusted Agile Advisor, who interviews key people (outliers and linchpins), and others, to better understand the current organisational dynamic.

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Agile Leadership Bootcamp

Before starting any major endeavour its as well to learn the rules of the game. The Agile Leadership Bootcamp is specifically designed to give the organisation’s executive leaders a safe place to explore what Agile behaviours will specifically mean for the executive team.

This intensive two-day event gives the leaders an accelerated start to their agile transformation along with all the necessary tools to minimise the risk of failure. (Research by McKinsey, has shown that 77% of all agile transformations fail.)

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Hire a Trusted Agile Advisor (TAA)

Before scaling the peaks of any mountain it is wise to hire a guide who has navigated the journey before. Hence, all of the workshops and services are facilitated by a TAA who is such a guide. They are approved by the Agile Leader as a “safe pair of hands” in which the executive leadership team can place their trust and ensure they receive the very best advice in how to achieve a successful agile transformation.

A TAA follows different, more agile models of consulting than traditional consulting practices. The models of consulting that the TAA’s practice are arguably more effective than the conventional models of consulting.

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