Working as a Behavioural Consultant  and Change Catalyst since 2003 …

Mark was instrumental to AXA Commercial Lines in our efforts to transform the behaviours of our IT staff. He really helped us in our move towards DSDM Agile methodology, where behaviours and soft skills are so important. On a personal level, he is great to work with, highly professional, capable of working at all levels, and produces great results.

Over a period of more than 2 years, it has been a pleasure to work with Mark, and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Steve Sheard, then Head IT Capability, Axa Commercial Lines.

Mark is an excellent coach with an enviable skill-set in observation, diagnosis and intervention in organisational and inter-personal relationships at all levels. Whilst his pervasive openness and honesty sometimes flies in the face of traditional ‘political correctness’, and can be a little unnerving at times, I have found Mark’s judgment around when and how far to step outside of these artificial constraints has always been completely sound. If you need somebody on your team with the skill, judgment and courage to make change a reality, Mark is your man. He has earned my deepest respect in this regard.

Andrew Craddock, Partner, Nlighten

Working as an Executive Coach since 2009 …

I had a one-year coaching session with Mark during a challenging year of changes in my job, where the discussions with him proved to be extremely helpful. Mark’s strength is that he’s not ‘teaching’ you anything (in the traditional meaning of ‘teaching’) rather he supports you in being your self trainer. The chance to explore yourself in your behavioural mode and in your daily activities is without any doubt a big growth opportunity. I am thankful to Mark for his support and contribution and I recommend his job to any person willing to learn and grow.

Alberto Lacchini, Sales Director, Bombardier Transportation

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark at Ashridge Business School whilst on a year long course on Organisational Coaching. Mark has a great personality and has the ability to engage well with coachees and provide insightful interactions. I used him as Consultant coach on more than one occasion. I would highly recommend him.

Becky Moore, Human Resources Manager, Baxter Healthcare

Mark was part of an agile transformation team that delivered additional support and coaching to the Senior Delivery Managers at AXA Direct & Partnerships in 2013. As one of the senior managers, I benefited from 1:1 coaching with Mark. We built a trusted and professional relationship to create the opportunities for me to develop my agile skillset.
Mark is a true professional and had a personal and intelligent approach to coaching individuals; is confident, confidential and demonstrated a challenging and empathic approach without “letting me off the hook”. The coaching sessions were clear on objectives and outcomes; and whenever they veered off at a tangent, Mark was clear to either explore the underlying reasons or bring the session back on track. Mark regularly checked in and demonstrated the necessary qualities of a trusted coach so that sessions were tangible and ensured continuity to achieve the agreed end goals.
I would recommend Mark in any coaching engagement to assist in exploring individuals in their quest for personal growth.

John Botting, then IT Delivery Partner, Swiftcover – now director of Botting Consultants

Mark’s expertise considerably enhanced not only my career prospects, but also my perspective towards life and understanding of my own talents, and therefore my confidence in my abilities. His techniques are simple yet powerful and effective, and are delivered in a thoughtful, engaging and professional manner. Mark is an active listener, goes that extra mile to ensure that you have gained the maximum benefit possible from his advice and support. He has an outstanding ability to seize your professional situation and to provide thorough feedback.

I have no hesitation in recommending him or the services he provides, as I consider the advice I have received as some of the most valuable in my career.

Anis Gabbur. Scholar Entrepreneur

Mark’s coaching helped me to understand how to get the best out of situations and relationships. He uses an array of techniques and models which enable insights and self-awareness, as well as simple systems for better effectiveness in the workplace.

Judy McCourt, Finance Manager.  Baxter Healthcare

Mark is adept at facilitating change in individuals and groups. When working with Mark, I found him to be expert at coaching me how to manage the 4 key attitudes or viewpoints that surface in all of our minds about any project or action at any time. Mark also showed me how we can get these voices or perspectives to cancel each other out, leaving us to get on with and be successful at the task in hand. I would highly recommend companies and executives wanting to facilitate greater productivity in their teams to talk to Mark about letting the proverbial business handbrake off and putting the accelerator down. Thanks Mark

Jason Dean, Founder of Temple Holistic Fitness

Working as an Agile Transformation Consultant since 2006 …

“Mark is a well rounded individual that I would class as extremely knowledgeable in the Agile space. He managed to give very sound guidance, knowledge and direction to a programme going through huge change. His facilitation skills are excellent and the way he interacts, teaches and mentors people is exceptional. Mark can operate at all levels and talks in language that is understandable and adapted to the audience. I would have no hesitation hiring or recommending Mark in the future. A real asset to any company on the Agile journey.”

Mick Power, then Programme Manager, Bupa

As part of a programme transitioning to agile practices Mark was available to help our team during this transition. I found mark to have excellent listening skills and took time to really understand what we do and how our existing working practices worked. Mark was a able to help us to identify ways to improve some of our working practices and was good at helping us to understand how to apply some agile theories into everyday working practices.

Michael Stephenson, Managing Director at Connected Systems Consulting Ltd

Mark was able to use his enthusiasm and challenging nature to get to the heart of some of the discussions happening in the organisation and start to get people thinking differently about their daily activities. Always available to discuss and understand different perspectives, but keen to being people ‘on track’ and back to the important issues.

Marc Pinder, Head of Application Services at Bupa

Mark worked as part of the RADTAC team at BT designing and implementing their systems delivey lifecycle, at the time this was the largest project in Europe. Mark was a key member of the team who consistently produced excellent results within tight timescales and a very complex political environment. I highly recommend Mark for any position he applies for, RADTAC have no hesitation in working with Mark in the future.

Peter Measey, Director RADTAC

Working as an Agile Coach since 2006

Mark is one of the better coaches. He listens, and then thinks. And when he recommends something you might want to do, its going to challenge you, and force you to think about your position in the larger picture.

One of the good guys.

Paul Brian, ScrumMaster, BUPA

Whilst working with Mark at ONS I found him to be honest, reliable and professional. Alongside his analysis role Mark was called upon to facilitate ‘lessons learnt’ workshops and hold motivational sessions with the development team.

Mark has an infectious enthusiasm and personable manner that enables him to engage with all levels of the project team.

I think Mark talks with knowledge, passion and honesty and I welcome the opportunity to work with Mark again in the future.

Stephen Kay, Senior Technical Tester, then Office for National Statistics

Hired as a Coaching Consultant 2011

“Mark has helped significantly in helping me identify ways in which I can turn a natural self-awareness into an active set of steps for personal development, using a logical and clear process. As I am very cautious about many ‘soft skill’ development techniques, Mark’s approach has been very refreshing and at a pace to suit me. In addition, Mark’s insight into coaching and leadership generally has helped me understand and move forward in my own coaching style.”

Nick Clare, Principal Agile Coach, Accenture




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