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Agile Myth: Agile is “JFDI”

Agile Fact: Agile takes discipline …

Many people think that “doing” Agile is easy.  Some people mistakenly believe that Agile has a culture of JFDI (Just F***ing Do It).  The more mature protagonists and practitioners of Agility believe that Agile takes discipline to execute appropriately.

It takes discipline (and often courage) to:

  • Say no to unrealistic timescales;
  • Self-manage and self-organise;
  • Focus consistently on business goals;
  • Deliver on time;
  • Work as a team rather than as solo artists;
  • Never compromise on our quality;
  • Not rush out of the foundations or release planning phase;
  • Dedicate ourselves to continually improve;
  • To work through our differences with other people and disciplines;
  • Collaborate with other disciplines for team goals;
  • Admit to our mistakes and work towards improving them;
  • Stick to the agreed and committed to Sprint or Timebox goal

I’m only just getting warmed up here – in what other ways is Agile a more disciplined approach – i’d love to read your replies below.