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May 07

Some confusion around the project manager role

There are some misleading messages out there about the role of the project manager in an agile project. I explore some of these messages

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Oct 31

Something Agile Leaders can learn from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

The late Steve jobs will long be remembered for his innovation and creativity. What is less know is how he used Agile principles to rebuild Apple when he returned in 1997.

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Oct 20

Scrum Ceremonies: Sprint Planning

What’s a Sprint? Firstly a definition for you:  A sprint is defined as a set period of time where the team works to achieve goals within that time period.  If you like, a rugby game consists of two sprints, each of 40 minutes duration.  In business we need a little longer to achieve our goals …

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Oct 15

On Time, On Budget, Happy Customer

This post explores how the dilemmas often faced by leaders when they have to trade features against, time, quality and budget.

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