Agile People and Interactions (Agile Team focus)

Advanced Skills for Building Agile Teams

Course Rationale:  In today’s highly complex business environment it has never been more important to improve the effectiveness and performance of your teams across your organisation. All teams can do better and this includes senior management teams, project delivery teams, support teams and so on. The key to peak performance within teams lies in their ability to communicate and collaborate more effectively together.

Overview:  This two day course is designed specifically to work with a team as a whole unit as opposed to groups of individuals attending the course separately.   To that end the course addresses key issues that affect all teams such as:

  • Motivation – how do we improve morale and keep it high
  • Collaboration – how can we work most effectively together
  • Communication – where can we improve our communication and the impacts of poor communication
  • Working relationships – how do we build effective working relationships and improve ruptured ones
  • Roles and responsibilities – who does what and how can we hold each other accountable
  • Task execution – considering the team and organisational implications in day-to-day project work and beyond

The course is a highly interactive and participative course where the attendees will be encouraged to take part in the many activities. These activities are designed to deepen understanding and build more sustainable and effective working relationships that will continue to pay dividends long after the course has been delivered.

Course Benefits:  By attending this course the team will be able to:

  • Work together more effectively as a team
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each other and how to be supportive in times of stress
  • Communicate more clearly with each other and spot when people are being defensive
  • Notice when morale is ebbing and how to improve team energy to deliver on it’s commitments
  • Improve follow-through and engagement while relying less on management to the team what to do
  • Identify when the team is competing as opposed to collaborating and what to do about it
  • Engage the team in more resourceful dialogue rather than getting stuff in endless and wasteful debates

Prerequisites:  No prerequisites required for this course other than all the attendees must be part of the same team. It is optional as to whether the team’s manager attends or not.

Course outline: On request only

Other Information:  This course will be tailored specifically towards the needs of your organisation and the different teams within it. Before booking and delivering this course we will discuss with you the specific needs of the team receiving the training so that the course will deliver maximum benefit both for the team and the organisation.

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