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Coaching for Agile Leaders

Many organisations fail to capitalise on the full benefits that Agile offers, this is because the transformation is only rolled out to the front line teams and focuses on getting them to “be Agile”.  What many organisations fail to  grasp is that for Agile to be successful, all levels of the organisation need to be engaged in the work of transformational change and this includes the leadership.

Leading Agile teams and organisations requires a completely different set of behaviours and mindset to leading traditional ones.  To most effectively embed this new way of working requires coaching and mentoring for these senior leaders as the skills needed cannot be easily implemented by reading a book or attending three days of Agile training.

The Agile Leadership coaching programme utilises a blended approach  of training, coaching and mentoring that is specifically tailored to dramatically reduce the learning curve for your leaders as they engage in the work of leading Agile teams.

The programme of coaching can include the training necessary to get you leaders up to speed quickly on the values, principles and practices of Agility.  The training can also include an insight into the models of change management that work best for helping your leaders to make the greatest impact quickly on the current organisational culture.

The coaching is delivered in the most convenient manner for you leaders and is deliver just in time.  Our coaches are experienced leadership and executive  coaches who have experience of leading Agile teams and are seasoned veterans in delivering organisational change across a large number of blue chip and FTSE 50 organisations; so your leaders will be receiving the very best support as they work with your leaders in delivering the changes necessary for you to realise the full benefits of Agile.

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