Organisational Agility Assessment


TAL takes a more effective approach to agile transformations than the conventional one. TAL believes it is essential for the consultant, and the leader(s), to know what the current level of Organisational Agility (OA) is before recommending the most appropriate course of action. Therefore, the crucial first step is to carry out an Organisational Agility Assessment (OAA).

Features of the OAA include: 

  • A cultural assessment
  • Assessing the climate for change within the organisation 
  • Identifying organisational impediments to OA 
  • Identifying organisational bright spots 
  • Anonymised data to ensure psychological safety of participants

Why choose this OAA?

  • The cultural assessment tool used is scientifically validated, with research involving leaders and senior managers from across the globe. 
  • It provides leaders with objective data to help them identify where to target crucial and limited resources with regards to implementing an agile transformation. 
  • It includes a debrief, giving leaders an opportunity to have a deep-dive on the data provided.

Beyond the OAA

After the OAA de-brief, TAL can provide suggestions for improvement to achieve greater organisational agility. TAL can also create a high-level roadmap to help guide the organisation to its next level of Agility, as and when required.

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