Agile for HR Foundation Training


Organisations who are exploring organisational agility need to evolve many of their HR practices.  This unique agile training is designed specifically for HR professionals, to provide attendees with an accurate, in-depth understanding of what agile is, what it is not and the implications of an agile transformation specifically with regards to HR practices. It also provides an understanding of the importance of HR in sponsoring an organisation-wide agile transformation.

Features include:

  • Why organisations of all sizes are exploring and implementing agile ways of working
  • Understanding how agile ways of working bring greater benefits both to the organisation and its people
  • HR practices from an agile perspective, including recruitment and onboarding, reward and recognition, learning and development
  • The importance of Agile mindset and psychology
  • How traditional change management practices are no longer fit for purpose
  • How do traditional practices and processes such as recruitment, performance evaluations and salary discussions change when working in an Agile way
  • Pragmatic and applicable examples of how other HR professionals are working with agile

Why choose Agile for HR Foundation Training? 

  • It gives the attendees what they need to get started on the agile journey
  • It gives a high-level overview and understanding of agile, both from the perspective of process agility (agile methods) and organisational agility (agile culture)
  • It provides attendees with an understanding of how much agility to aim for 
  • It gives attendees advance warning of common pitfalls to avoid on the agile journey
  • It provides attendees with a number of ready-to-use agile techniques, specific to HR, with which to experiment

Beyond the Agile for HR Foundation Training?

TAL recommends following up this foundation training with the Organisational Agility Assessment.

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