Agile Leadership Training


This unique and frequently requested foundation agile training is highly interactive and informative. It is designed to provide attendees with an accurate, in-depth understanding of what agile is, what it is not, and what is involved with a genuine agile transformation. It also helps them to identify blocks to increasing agility and build on any existing agile strengths.

Features include:

  • The origins of agile and why businesses use agile
  • When to do agile and when not to do it
  • Other aspects of agile process, in addition to the important human element 
  • Roles and responsibilities 
  • The common misperceptions of agile 

Why choose the Agile 101?

  • It gives the attendees what they need to get started on the agile journey
  • It provides a high-level overview and understanding of agile, both from the perspective of process agility agile methods) and organisational agility (agile culture)
  • It provides attendees with an understanding of how much agility to aim for 
  • It gives attendees advance warning of common pitfalls to avoid on the agile journey
  • It provides attendees with a number of ready-to-use agile techniques with which to experiment
  • It can be adapted for leaders, managers or teams

Beyond the Agile 101

TAL recommends following up this foundation training with the Advanced Communication, Collaboration and Team Dynamics workshop.

What they are saying 

“I found the way the course was run made the principles that we covered sink in and also has made me think about things I would not have otherwise.  The activities and dialog we had were very enjoyable. Rose far above my expectation of powerpoint hell. Thank you”

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