The Inner Coach Process

What would you like more of in your professional or personal life?

More energy? More focus? More fun? More concentration? More time? More passion? More motivation? More achievement? More confidence? More persistence? More purpose? More money? More love?

What would you like less of in your personal or professional life?

Less procrastination? Less weight?  Less anxiety?  Less pain? Less sadness? Less shame? Less anger? Less depression? Less failure? Less misery? Less frustration? Less fear?

Let’s play a game of “Imagine If …”

Imagine for a moment … if you had all the confidence to seek out and go for your goals and that sense of confidence inspired you to greater and greater potential.

Imagine if … you had all the skills and capabilities necessary to achieve your goals, how much more would you attempt and commit to.

Imagine if … that critical voice in your head would shut-up for one moment and let you get on with doing what you know you needed to do.

Imagine if … you really knew that you were truly powerful beyond measure and that anything you set your mind to, outside of breaking the law or the laws of physics, you would achieve.

Imagine if … you really felt you deserved all your success and more and that you would then be able to help more people to achieve their goals and dreams …

Imagine if … all of this was true, but you just didn’t believe it … what then?

What stops you from achieving your goals?

In short the answer to this is YOU. This is both the good news and the bad news, so let’s talk about why this is the bad news first.

Many people reading this will decide that I am wrong and they will say “that’s not true – it’s my boss, or my mother or father, my lack of time” … you will have your reasons and beliefs for thinking that this is so and trust me, I have heard all the reasons.  If you seriously do believe that this is the case then you will continue to remain frustrated at life and at everybody else for why your life is not going the way you want it to.  This will remain the case until you change your belief and take responsibility for your life.  Can you change your belief?  Yes you can, so read on because the good news can apply to you also.

[notice]Please note that if you suffer from mental illness or have experienced extreme trauma as a result of child abuse or some other traumatic event in your life then you are an exception to this rule.  In that case I do wish you well in your recovery as you continue to work through the appropraite professional attention I hope you are receiving; bur respectfully I won’t be able to help you at this time[/notice]

Now for the good news …

OK, so now for the good news.  If you stay with me for one minute because you do believe that you are the person stopping you from achieving all you want, then the power is in your hands to change it. But if you are like many of my other clients, you maybe just don’t know how to change.  That’s where I come in.

Most people have unresourceful patterns of behaviour that impede the successful completion of their goals. Using the Inner Coach process helps people access more of their potential through an easy to use process that has an immediate positive impact on the coachee’s results.

Mark Buchan, Creator of the Inner Coach Process™

So what is it about you that stops you from achieving your goals?  Well right now I can’t tell you the answer to that because I don’t know your particular and unique patterns of self-limiting thinking, behaving or feeling .  Everybody is unique and we all have our own habits that block us from achieving all that we want.  Very often these patterns may be sub-conscious patterns that you are not yet fully aware of.  These sub-conscious patterns are out of your awareness and as such create ongoing havoc, stress and anxiety in your life because you cannot see their destructive nature and have no way of knowing how to fix them.

I have developed and fine-tuned a process over the last 10 years that I have called The Inner Coach Process™.  This process is designed to help people overcome their self-limiting behaviours, thinking and feelings and replace them with a more resourceful set of habits that will assist them in achieving their goals.  I have used this process with many of my clients in my professional coaching practice.  This process has helped them achieve their coaching goals and they have been very grateful for me teaching them this process, because they have continued to use it long after our coaching has finished thus helping them to continue to get more out of themselves and their lives.

How will attending this programme benefit you?

Now, you may be sitting there asking yourself how will this programme benefit me?  Here are some ways that the programme has benefited my clients:

  • Your thinking will become a lot clearer as you learn from the programme how to start to minimise the internal self-chatter or “monkey on your back”
  • Your focus and concentration will improve as the process will help you to clearly identify which parts of your psychology are limiting your thinking
  • Your effectiveness will improve as you start to focus more readily and easily on your key priorities
  • Your communication skills will improve as you start to take in and process more of the important information in your day-to-day interactions
  • You will benefit from ultimately having more time as your focus on the key business priorities will mean less time fighting fires
  • Your business and personal relationships will improve as you start to increase your self-awareness and improve you emotional intelligence
  • Your leadership skills will start to improve as your coaching skills will benefit from the programme
  • Your team’s performance will improve as you become a better leader
  • Your passion and motivation will improve as you achieve more success from focusing on your strengths and those of your team

Of course there are many more benefits that you will gain from attending this programme because I cannot predict them all.  But before you go ahead and book your place do arrange a chat with me to identify which particular areas you would like to focus on will help you to make your mind up if this programme will benefit you or people on your team. You can do this by filling out the form below.  You cannot register on this programme anyway until we discuss how it will benefit you.

So how will the programme run?

Workshop Option

This two day live interactive workshop is where the process is presented and explained in detail.  All participants will be guided through the process so that it becomes embedded after the two days.  Participants will also leave with a wide variety of other tools that will deliver personal improvements in many of the areas already identified above. Contact me directly to find out next dates and places.

Online Option

I will teach you the inner coach Process, online over 4 consecutive weeks for 90 minutes on each session.  The start date for the next programme is indicated on the registration form.  Each week there will be a tutorial element as well as a coaching element.  No more than 12 people will be enrolled at any one time.  Your details will be kept confidential.  As a professional practicing coach I abide the Ashridge business school’s code of ethics and  conduct, so your well-being will be looked after at all times.

At the end of the programme each of the participants will also be entitled to a free 30 minute one-to-one coaching session with me.

Executive One-to-One Option

Learn the process privately and directly with me.  I will come to your office/home/hotel to teach you the process directly.


Workshop and Online Option: £250+VAT

Executive One-to-One Option: Contact me directly for budget and delivery to suit you. I offer discounts for Third Sector clients as well as local government organisations.

So what next?

Well the first step if you want to find out more is for us to have a chat about your coaching goals, so in the first instance you will need to complete the form below.  I will then contact you to discuss the programme in more detail with you personally to make sure that it will be suitable for you and your goals.

So go ahead now, if you think or feel that this programme is for you, and complete the form below and I will schedule a time for us to chat further about your goals and how this programme can help you to achieve more out of your professional or personal life.

Registration is now CLOSED for the programme commencing 21st February 2016.  Please complete the form below if you want to be included in my next programme.  Thanks.


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