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Why you should use The Agile Leader

Leaders have recognised for some time that their competitive advantage is the organisation’s ability to respond quickly and resiliently to their environment. It is in a time of crisis when an organisation’s Agility is put to the test and recent global events have accelerated this need for change as many organisation now teeter on the brink of collapse.

In short, the agility of an organisation is measured by the agility of its individuals, team and groups. This training offered by The Agile Leader provides an organisations leaders with an opportunity to increase the organisation’s agile capability and capacity to pivot more effectively in the face of adversity.

Unlike traditional training and contemporary methods used by many of the large training organisations, the Agile leader provides a unique blend of agile psychology and agile process to improve resilience and adaptability.

A Modular and Agile Approach to Training

Having trained individuals and teams in Agile ways of working and Agile Psychology for almost 20 years, The Agile Leader has now crafted this unique online course to help your organisation rapidly respond to shifting environmental factors.
The course features:

  • 6 modules each of 90 minutes duration
  • Delivery via a world-class trainer online via Zoom
  • Takeaways and a workbook provided at every session
  • Content centred on thought-provoking discussions and activities
  • Content that can be applied JIT to your organisation’s work context
  • Agile theory along with its pragmatic practical application
  • Agile Psychology focus to encourage the necessary mindset shift for organisational culture change
  • Modules that build incrementally on previous course delivery
  • Modules that are based on relevant learning theory and are adapted to the learning needs of the attendees

Our Guarantee

If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with the quality of the training delivered, The Agile Leader will give you a full refund on the course fees.

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