Leadership Agility 360

How Agile is your executive leadership team? How agile are the managers running your organisation’s Agile Transformation? The degree to which the transformation will be successful is largely dependent on these more senior people in the organisation and the degree to which they operate and think in an Agile fashion.

Coaching the senior leaders and managers in an Agile mindset and employing agile behaviours will have a positive impact not only on the effectiveness of the Agile process but also the Agile culture of the organisation. Research has shown that the effectiveness of Executive Agile Coaching is further increased when the coaching is preceded by 360 feedback.

We run a specialised form of 360 feedback that specifically assesses Agile mindset through measuring the behaviours of the leaders. This is a unique development tool and the only one of its kind in the Agile space. It is scientifically validated and is based on the 5 years of research carried out by Joiner and Josephs (2007). You can read more about their model of Leadership Agility in their book Leadership Agility

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