Leadership Agility 360 (LA360)


TAL takes a more effective approach to Agile Transformations than the conventional one. TAL believes it is essential for the consultant, and the leader(s), to know not only what the current level of Organisational Agility (OA) is, but also the leader’s current level of agility, before recommending the most appropriate course of action. Therefore, a crucial step in effective agile transformation is to carry out a LA360.  

Features include:

  • Clear, easy-to-use technology, backed up with fast, expert support services
  • Ability to identify the leader’s current level of agility and areas for development 
  • Options to self-manage the 360 process or use TAL to assist the process
  • Coaching and support throughout the 360 process to ensure the leader and the organisation extract the most value from it

Why choose the LA360?

  • This LA 360, based originally on Joiner and Josephs (2006) work, is unique. It is the only researched and validated tool that explores a leader’s level of agile mindset. 
  • It can be tailored to individuals or team agility 
  • Immediately actionable strategies for improvement 
  • Unlike other 360’s and other psychometric assessments, it includes both horizonal and vertical dimensions of personal development to give leaders both long-term and short-term development goals

What they are saying

 As a result of taking the LA360 I received feedback that helped both my coach and I to identify the next steps in my development leadership. The whole process was useful and eye-opening and has already started to pay dividends.  I am encouraging my colleagues to also take the 360 as it was unlike any I have taken before.”

TB. Vice-President Strategic Marketing. 

Beyond the LA360

Following the LA360, TAL is subsequently able to co-design a development plan specifically tailored for the individual or the team. TAL also provides Agile Leadership Coaching of the highest standard.

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