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Have you heard about Agile but don’t really know what it means and want to find out? OR…

Are you considering an Agile Transformation for your organisation and want to know how you can implement it successfully and save your company a great deal of money? OR…

Have you started a small-scale Agile Transformation but now want organisation-wide agility and don’t know how to implement this? OR…

Are you already doing an Agile Transformation, but it is failing, and you need an experienced trouble-shooter to assist you in getting it back on track? OR

If any of the above apply to you, then contact me to find out more about my Agile consulting, coaching and training services I offer. This includes Agile Leadership 101s, Agile Transformation Leadership Bootcamps and Agile Health Checks for the organisation.

Why should you hire me?

Drawing on all my years working in the Agile space, I recently launched my first book (May 2019): “Leader’s, it’s not how you finish but how you start: A radical new strategy for successful Agile Transformations revealed”. In it, I identify the five mistakes that are common in EVERY failing transformation and I explain what needs to be done to create “Genuine Agile Transformation”.

Instead of following prescriptions and recipes, and the conventional approach to Agile Transformations provided by large consulting houses, I suggest following a radical, new strategy that is genuinely tailored to the individual organisation. It’s an approach that focuses on the leadership leading a Genuine Agile Transformation rather than a pseudo one. The book is available to buy now just click here https://amzn.to/2DMYPyv or you can read it for free … just click here to find out more options to buy: http://www.theagileleader.co.uk/buy-the-book-now/

Equally, if your organisation is already in the process of an Agile Transformation but it is failing, then direct message me on LinkedIn to arrange an Agile Transformation “trouble-shooting” session, or “Agile Health check” to get your transformation back on track.

I am passionate about what Agile can do to help leaders make meaningful changes in their organisation and I speak passionately on this subject. If you would like me to come and speak at an event then contact me directly.

Contact me directly to explore options as to how I can help you or your organisation move on to the next level of Agility.

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