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19 June 2020: Transcending the Crisis
A Pro-Bono Global Virtual Event.

The Agile Leader is proud to announce our support and participation in this global event.

The novel COVID-19 virus has caused, above all, a human crisis. This unprecedented time is forcing us to reexamine every aspect of life, including our very notion of “normal”!

Is there a “new normal”, “next normal”, “better normal” (David Cushman), “never normal” (Peter Hinssen), “ever normal” (Pascal Coppens), “no normal” or “ab-normal” (or absence of a normal“) (Si Alhir) or a “new readiness” (Leandro Herrero)? And what are the consequences, personally & professionally, individuality & collectively, and holistically & globally?

Given this human crisis, we are more than ever called to respond through our humanity and altruistic nature in supporting one another!

Join the CEO Roundtable, The Context of Things, and a diverse collection of distinguished guests for a nonprofit global virtual conference on June 19, 2020, to explore our emerging “normal” while offering perspectives, insights, and guidance for practical impact in transcending the crisis — advancing even further than “leading through and beyond the crisis“.

  • Explore uncertainty, risk, complexity, resilience, transilience, antifragility (Nassim Nicholas Taleb), future-proofing and future-readying, black swans (Nassim Nicholas Taleb), gray rhinos (Michele Wuker), ecosystems, and much more
  • Gain insights for how to practically confront technology, business, human, and societal challenges
  • Engage in generative broad-panel conversations and deep-dive conversations focused on action

The event begins with Maria Escobar-Bordyn exploring how “everything happens through conversations” — and — the event ends with Michele Wucker exploring how “recognizing the quirks of human nature that shape our decisions has the power to change our actions.”

The magic between the beginning and the ending of the event involves practical broad-panel conversations and deep-dive conversations — Join us!

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