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Apr 20

If you’re transforming your organisation – don’t wait for a vision before you get started

Why having a vision isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Its better to get started on the change rather than wait for a perfect vision

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Mar 28

Values Elicitation Exercise

This exercise is one that I share with my clients in the early days of our coching relationship as it helps me to understand them better.  Often it also helps build awarness for the client as they may not be fully aware of what is most important to them in their personal or professional lives.  …

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Mar 25

The imposter syndrome: An affliction that can sabotage a great leader’s success

An insight into an area of leadership psychology commonly referred to as imposter syndrome; its effects on personal performance can be quite startling.

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Mar 22

Some surprising truths about admitting to our mistakes

It takes courage and humility to admit when we are wrong or that we have been the cause of some upset. So is it a lack of courage or personal pride that keeps leaders from admitting they were wrong or made a mistake?

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Feb 25

The Agile Mindset – Perceptions around Failure

If I used the word failure to you – what does it bring up for you?  What sort of feelings, images or thoughts does it conjure up?  Failure is an evocative word that sends shivers down the spines of the most macho of males.  It is a dirty word in many organisations with a traditional …

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Feb 25

Acquiring an Agile Mindset – Part 2 of The 12 Dysfunctions

This is part 2 of the 2 part article on the 12 dysfunctions of thinking

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Feb 16

Building and Strengthening Relationships — An Exercise

Our everyday interactions with our colleagues, whether on Agile projects or not, are the ingredients that comprise our relationships. How “tasty” are your relationships?

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Feb 01

Goal Setting — Are Your Goals SMART PURE and CLEAR

We have all heard of setting SMART goals but in my coaching practice I have come to realise that many people haven’t heard of PURE or CLEAR goals. In this article I summarise these acronyms and why they are important.

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Jan 18

Improving Your Communication as a Leader

This is the latest article in the Online Leadership Development Programme. This article focuses on the 5 modes of communciation.

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Nov 16

The Real Job of Leaders

Word count 1277, Time to read: 15 mins, Published 16 November 2011 In the previous newsletter I started to talk about motivation as that was a subject that a number of you requested as a place to start in our work together.  Since writing that installment I have been reflecting on a number of themes …

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