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May 07

Some confusion around the project manager role

There are some misleading messages out there about the role of the project manager in an agile project. I explore some of these messages

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Apr 26

Agile Myth: Agile is “JFDI”

Agile Fact: Agile takes discipline … Many people think that “doing” Agile is easy.  Some people mistakenly believe that Agile has a culture of JFDI (Just F***ing Do It).  The more mature protagonists and practitioners of Agility believe that Agile takes discipline to execute appropriately. It takes discipline (and often courage) to: Say no to …

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Mar 22

The affinity method for estimating stories

Planning poker is quite a popular method for estimating stories, but one of the huge drawbacks on complex projects is that it takes forever, especially if you have over 20 stories. Here is a step-by-step guide for how I guide teams through a much quicker process for estimating stories.

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Jan 31

The 3 Cs of User Stories

Here is a quick reminder for you about what we teach on our User Story Masterclass about the 3 C’s.

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Nov 15

The 12 Agile Principles for Software Development

Here is a reminder of the 12 Agile principles for software development.  These have been recreated here for your convenience.  It you would like to go straight to the origin of these principles then please click here.  And yes I have corrected the americanised spelling 🙂 1. Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer …

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Nov 10

Scrum Ceremonies: Sprint Review

Definition of the sprint review   The sprint review is held at the end of every sprint.  This where the team demonstrate the next increment of the product to be delivered.  The meeting is intentionally kept short and informal as the formalised part of  the review will have already taken place.  The way in which …

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Oct 31

Something Agile Leaders can learn from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

The late Steve jobs will long be remembered for his innovation and creativity. What is less know is how he used Agile principles to rebuild Apple when he returned in 1997.

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Oct 15

On Time, On Budget, Happy Customer

This post explores how the dilemmas often faced by leaders when they have to trade features against, time, quality and budget.

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