Agile transformation: Everyone else is doing it, so should we?

It seems very in vogue, some may call it a fad, for organisations to be transforming to become Agile. Large consultancy houses, who themselves aren’t even close to being as agile as they need to be to help their clients, are falling over themselves to sell their clients Agile or organisational agility.

Yet for the most part, there are so many leaders in organisations who believe Agile to be one thing when it is another. The worst part of this is that consultants do very little to help educate their clients on what Agile actually is or isn’t. Instead, they are happy to let the clients believe things like “Yes. we can make you Agile in six months or a year!” or “Yeah just install a framework and you’ll be agile once we train you and your people how to use it!”

Of course, I understand why this would be the case, it doesn’t make business sense to tell your client that this transformation could take 10 years or more or that it will cost over £2M! That’s a good way to be shown the door – trust me I know.

Myths surrounding Agile transformation

I have been involved with Agile transformations for almost 15 years and in some shape or form have come across all of the myths below which I have included in my book (click here to buy your copy or read for free on Kindle Unlimited).

I don’t spend a lot of time talking about them in the book as the book is geared towards providing the reader with solutions. However, I am going to rectify that in the next book.

I have split the myths into two categories seeing as people tend to talk about either (organisational) agility (the adjective or verb). Or they will talk about Agile (process, the noun). These are two very different concepts as I have explained in the past and it is important that the sponsors of the transformation are aware of these differences. As I point out in the book unless steps are taken to create organisational (enterprise-wide) agility, efforts to install an agile process will most likely fail.

As you read the two lists below I’m sure you will see what I mean.

Your feedback is appreciated and rewarded!

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring the above myths in this blog, but before I do … do you think there are any missing? If so I’d love to know. Just leave a comment in the box below and I’ll make sure to include it and will give you a mention in my new book.

In the meantime stay safe; stay positive and continue to be Agile.