Dear Indian Reader.

I may be termed an Indophile, I have a love for all things Indian: the country, its cultures, its religions, its people and most especially its cuisine!  There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than working in my kitchen creating awesome curries from the many different parts of India.  The spicier the better.  On a trip to Kerala a few years back I made a new friend who bought me some Kerala garam masala and some black gold (that’s…

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The Abilene Paradox – Saying Yes When We Really Mean No

Have you ever sat in a meeting or some other gathering where a decision is being made that you don’t particularly agree with. You maybe heard one of your inner voices say “wait a minute – that doesn’t feel right”. The group consensus appears to be saying “yes”, but then you maybe start to feel uncomfortable about being the sole voice who says “no”.

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