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How do you know if your consultant/coach has an Agile Mindset?

In my book “Leaders, it’s not how you finish … it’s how you start!” I cite 5 mistakes that result in the failure of Agile transformations. 

Mistake number 3 is “Mindset of the consultants running the transformation”. But how do you know that the consultants or coaches that you are hiring have a more Agile mindset than you the leader, or the managers who are expected to be coaches by them? After all how can we go about measuring mindset?

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Why I Believe Agile is Broken

Agile is broken … that’s quite a statement isn’t it? Bearing in mind that many people I come into contact with report higher levels of stress when they are “forced” to work in an agile team. Doesn’t this make you think that something is wrong. I believe that this is wrong. Part of the wrongness lies at the feet of the Agile coaches and how they are deployed and utilised. The model needs to be changed if organisations truly want to get more from their people .

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