Agile 101 for HR

Join The Agile Leader – Mark Buchan for a one-day event and find out how working in more agile ways is inherently more sensible and will benefit your organisation both in the immediate and long term.

Why Agile for HR

Agile has become a buzzword over the last five years or so. But Agile practices have been utilised in organisations going back as far as Henry Ford. Organisations are expected to operate differently from how they operated as little as two decades ago. We are living in VUCA times. Organisations are expected to thrive in Volatile and Uncertain environments dealing with ever-increasing levels of Complexity in the problems that need solving and the Ambiguity that arises from having so much data to work on.

The response is improving the organisations level of agility.

But this is easier to say than do. Agile practices require a larger Agile culture within which to operate. In my book “Leaders, it’s not how you finish … it’s how you start” I recommend that the CEO directly sponsors the culture change initiative. Of course, the CEO can’t be expected to run a culture change programme themselves; instead, they would hire a trusted pair of hand to help deliver the change on their behalf. This role I called the Chief Culture Change Officer. Many of the roles and responsibilities that I would attribute to this role could be argued to be part of the HR directors role. Ultimately there needs to be a cohesive approach to delivering agile culture and in itself, the agile culture needs to be treated differently to more traditional change programmes.

The course brings the participant up to speed around where Agile originated and how it has evolved to become a better way for organisations to achieve higher performance through agile thinking and practices.

All participants will leave with a roadmap for their change and how they may utilise agile into their working practices from next week.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for this course is senior HR Directors or other HR roles involved with the design and development of organisational capability. Equally anyone interested in extending their agile knowledge to see how this work crosses over the whole organisation for change managers wishing to extend their repertoire and their toolkit.


  • Why Businesses Do Agile and why HR needs to Be Agile
  • Origins of Agile and how it has evolved
  • Terminology, some of it helpful … The Agile Process
  • Agile at the Executive Level
  • Introduction to Agile ways of working for HR
  • Introducing the Agile Organisation
  • Why Agile Culture is important and the need for Agile Leaders
  • Commitments and Next Steps

Minimum Learning Outcomes

By attending this course as a minimum you can expect:

  • A thorough understanding of where Agile emerged from and why working in more agile ways is inherently more sensible and will benefit the organisation in the long term.
  • Agile isn’t just something the IT department does. Agile has application across a whole range of business sectors and industries. Agile Business is now becoming the vogue terminology
  • Know what to expect when I attend or facilitate an agile ceremony; what does agile look like? feel like? sound like?
  • An outline approach to Agile transformation led by the HR department.
  • Understanding that Agile is changing how change is delivered and “managed”
  • Understanding how to use some agile tools to maximise team performance.
  • How HR policies for traditional cultures negatively impact attempts at Organisational agility. Ideas are presented to help organisations wishing to take smaller steps in the direction of agility.

There are many other learning outcomes that will be acquired in attending this one-day event. All events are shaped at the beginning of the session to ensure that the attendees all get their learning goals accomplished.

Why Choose The Agile Leader

These are some of the features of how we deliver our training which is very different to our contemporaries:

  • 75% of course delivered through engaging conversations, participative group exercises; little “chalk and talk” but lots of supporting tools and references for the attendee to continue their journey
  • Lots of real-life examples with lessons learned from having delivered change in large medium and small organisations
  • Attendees set the agenda within a broad outline
  • The workshop has many opportunities to diverge onto a broad range of topics of interest and direct applicability in the workplace
  • ttendees make commitments to start to employ more agile ways of working into their own workspace and workplace

When and Where …

Contact us to find out where and when we will be delivering this event near you.

This event can also be run in-house for up to 24 people at significant reductions to the public event.


The training costs £450 . No VAT is applicable at this time.

Early bird discount of 30% applies. Significant reduction available for third sector organisations.

About the Trainer

Mark Buchan is the Managing Director of the Agile Leader Ltd and a seasoned “Agile trouble-shooter”, with over 20 years’ experience in delivering transformative change and helping turn around failing Agile Transformations. He combines his technical background with his extensive knowledge of organisational development and psychology, to provide a unique and innovative approach to Agile Transformation.

Mark Buchan

He has trained teams at all levels of the organisation from c-suite to shop-floor. For many years he worked as an associate consultant coach where his specialist skills were in high demand among many of the first wave of agile consultancies. He now runs his own training academy for Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Project managers and other change focused roles. The goal is to help organisations become better at doing change by providing them with change capable individuals. By applying much of what is learned on the course will help deliver significant benefits to the individual, their team and their organisation.

What People are Saying

“Mark is an energetic and charismatic individual who brings any room to life. By the end of the day we were eating out of his hand and didn’t want the day to end.”

“This has to be the best training I have ever attended. The trainer somehow managed to help us achieve all our learning goals.”

“The training was fun and well-coordinated. I learned so much that I can apply on Monday.”

“In a word AWESOME! Great trainer; great material; great activities that were worthwhile; great conversations that provoked thought. Altogether a great two days.”

“Highly recommended … worth every penny!”

Our Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the training or the manner in which it was delivered the Agile Leader will refund 100% of the course fee.