Developing Agile People

Organisations consist of people. Therefore, if you want a more agile organisation, it stands to reason that the people in the organisation need to become more agile (read Joiner, 2017 for more information). The greater the level of agility of the people, the greater the level of agility of the organisation.

Often organisations prioritise, and thus focus on, delivering the agile IT process. The workshops that are subsequently provided as part of the agile transformation tend to be dry and process-orientated. 

In contrast, at TAL, our focus is on developing agile people in order to enhance the agility of organisations. This is in line with the agile manifesto, which emphasizes ‘individuals and interactions over processes and tools’.  (Link to Agile manifesto page – MB to provide)

Hence, the courses and workshops that we provide focus on this, and they are engaging as well as informative. They provide people with the capability to be able to adapt the agile process so that it IS fit for purpose, and enables the change to endure even after the consultant’s work has ended.

TAL offers a variety of courses and workshops which help organisations to develop agile in-house capability including:

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