Agile Leadership Development

At TAL, we believe it is vital for senior leaders to understand, in detail, why their agile transformation initiative requires not only their focus and attention, but also their sponsorship and ownership, if it is to be a success. Therefore, TAL provides senior leaders with the knowledge they need to implement a successful agile transformation. 

Additionally, as the organisation transforms, it has to continue doing ‘business-as-usual’. This is synonymous with sailing a ship across an ocean whilst giving it an overhaul and refit at the same time, that is, transforming whilst moving. This complex change requires a high level of leadership agility. But research has shown that only 10% of organisations have the necessary level of leadership agility to drive the amount of change needed (Joiner, 2007). 

Therefore, TAL’s leadership development programmes are designed to help leaders develop their leadership agility level, enhancing their agile mindset and leadership style. TAL’s leadership development programme is also specifically designed to enable leaders to meet the unique challenges of their own organisational change, in order to support and run their agile transformation in the most effective way.

Have a confidential conversation with TAL about your own agile leadership development or agile transformation.

TAL offers bespoke leadership development programmes which are delivered:

  • onsite 
  • ‘just-in-time’
  • by engaging and expert agile practitioners
  • to align with the desired culture 
  • to be minimally disruptive to the work
  • for maximum leadership impact

Agile Leadership Essentials

Helping Organisational Leaders to Understand their Role in Enabling and Delivering Agile Transformation

Agile Leadership Bootcamp

Helping Align leadership behaviour and mindset to organisational agility.

Advanced Agile Leadership Development

Providing the gold standard in Agile leadership development

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