Agile People, Relationships and Interactions (APRI)

So what happens after the Agile team has received their Scrum training? Usually, they are then expected to just get on with the job and BE MORE AGILE … You may be considering hiring a full-time Agile coach to support the team, like most organisations. However, the strategy of hiring an Agile coach full-time to help the team be more agile is expensive and full of flaws, which is why we don’t recommend it.

We recommend an alternative approach which is more cost-effective and gives immeasurable value because it involves providing coaching to the team, delivering it “just in time” rather than on a full-time basis. Our strategy is to run our Agile People, Relationships and Interactions (APRI) workshop. This workshop is designed by the MD of the Agile Leader and is based on his years of experience in the Agile industry and his training in psychological methods and change facilitation. This popular 2-day workshop consists of a combination of coaching, consulting and team facilitation that improves the team’s level of agility. It builds on the lessons they will have learned in the preceding Sprints.

When to run the APRI workshop

We recommend the APRI workshop is run three sprints after the team receive their Scrum training. By then, the team usually knows what they need support with and so they are able to ask more informed questions and thus, the coaching is more valuable at this point.

The benefits … why attend the APRI?

By attending the two day APRI workshop the team will be able to:

  • Work together more effectively as a team
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each other and how to be supportive in times of stress
  • Communicate more clearly with each other and provide the members with a way to work through conflict
  • Notice when morale is ebbing and how to improve team energy to deliver on their commitments
  • Improve follow-through and engagement while relying less on management
  • Identify when the team is competing as opposed to collaborating and what to do about it
  • Engage the team in more resourceful dialogue rather than getting stuff in endless and wasteful debates

Features of the APRI … our USP

This is a unique course and is targetted at those Agile teams passionate about their own learning and development. It builds on the process training the team will have already received. mark

  • Method agnostic … regardless of which Agile method or process you run, the APRI is tailored to enable the team to gain more out of the current ways of working
  • Emphasis on the people dynamics, helping team members to understand each other better
  • 75% of the two days are focused on fun, interactive activities and discussions designed to accelerate and deepen team learning
  • Coaching interventions within the workshop based on psychologically proven techniques
  • Workshop led by a master Agile Coach with psychological training and a background in software and systems engineering
  • Takeaways provided at the end of the workshop so the learning continues long after it has completed

Contact us today to find out more about the APRI workshop and how it can be tailored to your management and executive teams wishing to employ Agile ways of working and thinking.

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