Agile Leadership Bootcamp

Before starting any major endeavour its as well to learn the rules of the game. The Agile Leadership Bootcamp is specifically designed to give the organisation’s executive leaders a safe place to explore what Agile behaviours will specifcally mean for the executive team.

The event is split into two days. The second day is optional as it involves walking the leadership team through what an Agile transformation, run in an Agile way, actually looks and feels like. The second day may also be run a few weeks after the first day of the event.

Features of the Agile Leadership Bootcamp

  • Deeper understanding of what will be needed to shift the culture and then sustain it
  • A tailored Agile Leaders Toolkit to help transform the culture
  • Agile behaviours specifically designed and adapted for the executive team
  • A support line for emerging queries around what agile does and doesn’t mean
  • Understanding the key elements of Agile transformation and how to lead them in an Agile way
  • Results in a high level plan/roadmap/blueprint for change

Why run an Agile Leadership Bootcamp?

  • To accelerate the Agile learning of the executive team
  • To gain concensus in the executive team around the aspirational vision and values for the new Agile Organisation
  • To reinforce the importance of the executive team leading the culture
  • To establish commitments and responsibilites of the executive team in the new organisation
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