Agile Health Checks

Before starting any journey it is wise to know what the starting point is. To that end, before the leaders embark on what is most probably going to be the most challenging change initiative of their career, they are advised to carry out an Agile Health Check to assess the state of readiness for organisational agility.

Overview of the Agile Health Check

The Agile Health Check takes place over a week and involves a thorough examination of the target organisation from top to bottom. The outputs of the health check are presented back to the executive team in a debrief session. The Trusted Agile Advisor may also offer a high-level roadmap of what is required for the journey that lies ahead.

The executive team will then be able to “fail fast” and decide whether to continue along the path of a “Genuine Agile Transformation by proceeding to the next step in the Pre-Tx model (Run Agile leadership Bootcamp). Alternatively, they may reconsider their options, taking into account the data from the assessment.

The Agile Health Check may also be used as a troubleshooting exploration in Agile transformations that are currently underway to uncover any blindspots or potential traps that may railroad their success. Many leaders use this as an “insurance policy” to ensure the initiative reamins on track.

Features of the Agile Health Check

  • Scientifically based assessments run in 1000’s of organisations with 10,000’s of senior managers
  • Both quantitative and qualitative measures provided
  • Seasoned transformation consultants providing insightful and actionable feedback
  • Roadmap of pragmatic next steps based on emerging themes, proposed prioritisation based on resource availability and urgency

Why run an Agile Health Check?

  • To gain an insight into the current organisational culture and it’s readiness for Organisational Agility
  • To measure the current agility level of teams/departs/organisations
  • To inform the subsequent co-diagnosis sessions in identifying impediments or roadblocks
  • To inform executive decision making around “fail fast” for the transformation

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