Advanced Communication, Collaboration and Team Dynamics Workshop


This unique and popular workshop blends coaching, consulting and team facilitation to create a highly interactive and participative environment for the attendees.  This comprehensive, two-day workshop is designed to help teams build more sustainable, effective working relationships that endure beyond the workshop and addresses key issues that affect team performance, particularly during an agile transformation. 

Workshop features include: 

  • The impact of poor communication and how to communicate better
  • How to improve collaboration
  • How to develop effective working relationships and repair ruptured ones
  • Practical team energisers 

Why choose this workshop?

  • It is method agnostic; hence it can be delivered, irrespective of which agile method or process the organisation uses 
  • It includes interactive activities and discussions designed to accelerate and deepen team learning, resulting in more engaged and energised teams
  • The coaching interventions used are based on evidence-based psychological techniques
  • It is led by a master Agile Coach with a background in software and systems engineering, along with psychological training 
  • Takeaways are provided at the end of the workshop, so the learning continues afterwards

What they say about this workshop

I have gathered hundreds of testimonials since first running this programme in 2012.  For example:

“What have you done to my team? This People and Interactions Course is GAME CHANGING. Thanks for your help.” 

C.D. Agile coach. Financial services

Beyond the workshop

A follow-up programme to this workshop is available to sustain and improve team agility as the team matures.

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