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How We Work …

Before you start to work with us you need to know that we are very different from other consultancies in that we work in an Agile way rather than like a traditional consultancy.

We are paid for the results we deliver …

Unlike how most of our competitors work, you pay us for the results we deliver for you.  At the start of our engagement we will work together to identify the business value to your organisation that will be accrued once the results are delivered.  Once the business value has been agreed our consultants will identify what our fee will be for the delivery of those benefits.  As long as these numbers are agreeable to both parties we schedule the first date for the engagement to begin.

The fee that we charge once agreed will not be changed.  The consultant will then continue to work with you until the results have been achieved.  This means that we will have very clear and unambiguous criteria against which we will measure progress with you, our client.

We believe that this way of working is one that benefits you, our client, because:

  • There is a cap on your investment.  What is to be spent is agreed upfront with no surprises.
  • There is no meter ticking in the background where consultant’s fees continue to accrue depending on the time spent with the client.  Once work has begun you or your people can call on us whenever necessary.
  • If there is some unanticipated work that emerges as a result of the engagement (and there always is) we will deal with it without having to come back requesting additional funds.
  • You as the client will pay less than if you paid us by the hour or by the day.
  • Because the fee is paid upfront this means that if there are any budgetary changes your work will continue regardless.
  • If it is necessary to place more people on your project or programme then I will do so without extra cost to you.
  • This way of working makes life easier for all parties as we don’t have to get involved in uncomfortable conversations around billable hours and so on
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