Sep 06

A word from The Agile Leader …

Hi All

In the true sense of Agility I have been experimenting over the last year with a number of things as I seek to grow my business.  Writing this blog has been one of them.  For those of you that have been regular visitors to my site you may have noticed a complete disengagement from my writing and subsequently updates to this site.  One of the main reasons for this is that I have been totally immersed in work over the last 3 to 4 months and subsequently I have not made time to add content to this site.

I have been truly excited by my recent development of what I’ve called a “People, Interactions and Relationships” course.  (I have designed this course to improve collaboration within Agile teams.)  Since I have delivered the first pilots of this course back in February, I have received countless requests to run it as word of mouth started to take hold.  I have never really experienced such success before and it was truly humbling for me as I was able to help make a difference in so many Agile teams.

Since then I have been playing with other ideas about how to impact teams in a more meaningful way and this too has had an impact on my time.

I am about to start a new role near the end of September and it is my hope that it will afford me some time to start writing again.  So until then … keep it Agile and search out your own inspiration.  It really is worth the effort.

If  in the meantime you would like to find out more about my People, Interactions and Relationships course please feel free to contact me, but do understand I wont be able to run any more of these courses until early 2013.

Warmest regards


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Mark Buchan

Mark is an Agile Consultant and Executive Coach who specialises in working with leadership teams when they are transforming their organisation to a more Agile way of delivery.

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