Apr 26

Agile Myth: Agile is “JFDI”

Agile Fact: Agile takes discipline …

Many people think that “doing” Agile is easy.  Some people mistakenly believe that Agile has a culture of JFDI (Just F***ing Do It).  The more mature protagonists and practitioners of Agility believe that Agile takes discipline to execute appropriately.

It takes discipline (and often courage) to:

  • Say no to unrealistic timescales;
  • Self-manage and self-organise;
  • Focus consistently on business goals;
  • Deliver on time;
  • Work as a team rather than as solo artists;
  • Never compromise on our quality;
  • Not rush out of the foundations or release planning phase;
  • Dedicate ourselves to continually improve;
  • To work through our differences with other people and disciplines;
  • Collaborate with other disciplines for team goals;
  • Admit to our mistakes and work towards improving them;
  • Stick to the agreed and committed to Sprint or Timebox goal

I’m only just getting warmed up here – in what other ways is Agile a more disciplined approach – i’d love to read your replies below.




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About the author

Mark Buchan

Mark is an Agile Consultant and Executive Coach who specialises in working with leadership teams when they are transforming their organisation to a more Agile way of delivery.

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  1. David Winders

    I had sone training in DSDM in the nineties and have used the method on and off since then with some success both in software development and non software projects. No, it isn’t just JFDI but it can be an excuse for hiding JDFI behind a respectable methodology bringing that methodology into disrepute.

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