According to McKinsey 77% of all Agile Transformations fail!

Utilising my Pre-Tx model will save your organisation millions in lost revenue and wasted time by creating GENUINE transformation. 

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Mark Buchan MSc.

author, speaker,

trusted CxO advisor,

business psychologist &

transformation troubleshooter

What people say about

 Mark Buchan, The Agile Change Guy’

“Mark has an honest, engaging and pragmatic approach in driving change in complex, challenging environments. He would be a valued asset to any organisation trying to affect significant change.”

Scott Colebourn, CTO

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Making Change Happen

Catalysing Organisational Change

With over 15 years’ experience, Mark ensures he has a full understanding of an organisation’s problems before providing bespoke solutions for his clients. The organisational change approaches he uses are scientifically validated, evidence-based and deliver outstanding results.

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Developing Agile People

Mark combines his background in technology with his extensive knowledge of organisational change and psychology, to create unique and innovative solutions to developing Agile People. His dynamic workshops leave people energised and inspired.

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Evolving Agile Psychology

Agile psychology is a fundamental factor in successful agile transformations but many struggle with the change. Mark expertly assists people in evolving their agile psychology as he embraces agility, plus he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the psychology of change.

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A recent book review on Amazon:
“I highly recommend this book…It’s a well thought-through strategy to avoid the common pitfalls that undermine so many transformations. It’s based on first-hand industry experience stretching back over 20 years and draws on proven psychology and change management models.”

John Wilson
Consulting Partner

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Agile 101

Agile 101 provides all you need to know about agile before starting an agile transformation. It is offered in a variety of learning formats tailored to the clients’ specific learning needs and delivered by a world authority on the subject.

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Agile for HR

Forward thinking HR directors are exploring agile ways of working because they understand the business benefits of adopting organisational agility. Mark draws upon his years of experience in agile leadership and delivering culture change to provide bespoke education and training to HR directors about all things agile.

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